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Description of Apk Backup Restore - Extractor

Easy App Backup & Restore Assistant - Backup apps to SD card. FREE UP your phone memory! Adapted to most of devices.

Super Apk Bakcup & Restore Assistant - Apk Extractor & Contacts, SMS, Calls Recovery!

Backup Restore - Apk Extractor is a Easy, Super backup & restore tool developed by Trust Lab, who aims to develop cool Tool & Productivity apps for Android devices.

What you can do with Backup Restore - Apk Extractor?

- Bulk Backup & Restore apps that not used frequently to save phone space

- Auto Backup & Restore multi-versions to avoid unnecessary updates

- Batch Extract apk files & Backup contacts, SMS, calls to enhance data security

- Upload backups to cloud Google Drive to provide a secure cloud location

Highlights of Backup Restore - Apk Extractor

◈ Apk Extractor - Extract & Retrieve apk files and export as duplicates

◈ Apk Editor - Downgrade app version if you dislike updated one

◈ Apk Installer - Restore & Recover apps after factor reset or to a new phone

◈ Apk Manager - Create your own local Playstore while lots of apps saved

◈ Apk Share - Migrate & Send apps to different carriers and extend storage

◈ Personal Backup - Keep contacts, calls, SMS archived

◈ Cloud Backup - Upload & Share backups to cloud drive such as Google Drive, Dropbox, etc.

◈ Faster than other apps.


· Backup & Restore to phone memory in default

· Backup & Restore to SD card or USB

· Cloud backups to Google Drive, Dropbox, etc.

· Send & Share backups by Email or other channels

· Backup & Restore apps, contacts, sms, calls

· Extract & Retrieve APK files

· Overwrite & Downgrade & Restore app versions

· Schedule auto backup

· Keep multiple versions with auto backup

· Auto backup with notifications

· Backup path edited

· Onekey backup & restore system apps

· Batch & Bulk backup, restore, upload, send

· Scan apk files on your device

· Press apps to check/launch/search in Playstore

· Automatic install/uninstall

· Show backups’ size & time

· Show used & total storage

· Show storage, sd card, USB usage

· Sort files by name, date, size

· Recover phone after factor reset

· Recover data in new phone

· Transfer apps & personal to new phone

· Supreme app restore & Phone recovery, Samsung/Xiaomi/Lenovo/Motorola/Huawei backup supported


1- Backup Restore - Apk Extractor CANNOT backup/restore data or settings of apps, it only backup/restore apk files.

2- Backup Restore - Apk Extractor can only restore files that have been backed up BEFORE.

3- If you want to auto-backup apps, please open our app before updating apps.

4- Please backup apps to sd card or cloud before factor reset, or all backups will be deleted due to system restriction.

Requested Permissions

- READ SD CARD to modify or delete the contents of your SD card

- READ PHONE STATUS AND IDENTITY to enable auto backup

- READ CONTACTS, SMS, PHONE to enable personal backup

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APK information about Apk Backup Restore - Extractor

APK Version 1.1.1
Compatibility Android 4.0.1+ (Ice Cream Sandwich)
Developer Trust Lab
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